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Owner: Scotty Hooper

In 2000, we bought our first Santa Gertrudis “Gerts” cattle. With a couple of National Champion bulls, we won several Championships before we decided to work on building our herd. Now we have close to 200 head of cattle. We started out with raising Santa Gertrudis cattle and concentrated on their DNA to get marbling and tenderness percentage. Our cattle have lean meat which calculates to very low fat content. In the past years we have been cross breeding our Gert cows with Angus and Hereford bulls and with this mix we get a breed that is a “5 Star”. The temperament of these cattle is great. We have customers come back from several states to buy the 5 Star because they could go out into the pasture and mingle with these cattle. Another reason for their temperament is because they interact with Johnny every day. H&H Farms are the largest producer of Star 5 cattle east of the Mississippi River.

H & H Farms is located in Eastern Cullman County. We started out in 1984 with 30 acres, a few horses and a mixture of cattle; we have accumulated over 240 acres for cattle and over 70 acres for hay farming.

281 County Road 643
Cullman, Alabama 35055
Scotty Hooper

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